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Tamer Raafat

Academic Background

Bachelor Degree in Accounting, 1994


Syndicate Of Commercial Professions

Mr. Tamer Raafat is a Director of  rmc and is one of the key persons who contributed in the establishment of the firm in 2004. Throughout his career of more than 25 years, he has provided financial and accounting guidance for the company’s specialized needs for the architecture and engineering industry in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Mr. Raafat uses his thorough understanding of financial accounting to better provide independent perspectives and to constructively challenge the commercial and operation teams ensuring that business decisions are well grounded in solid financial criteria. As the Financial and Accounting Director, he has a distinct talent for coordinating the vast amounts of data into the creation of the company’s financial status in a timely manor. He excels at managing the process for financial forecasting and budgets, and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. He further advises on long-term business and financial planning.


As a Director of rmc, Mr. Raafat is responsible for the overall financial planning and managing the Financial and Accounting Department. Mr. Raafat’s hands-on in-depth experience has been instrumental in helping grow a small company to a modern large scale operation. Mr. Raafat’s other responsibilities include managing and directing the Human Resources Department.

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