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Maspero Triangle

Where an urban ghetto once existed an urban revitalization is envisaged. Providing essential connections to downtown Cairo, connecting the area of Bulaq and reinstating the prominence of the Nile Waterfront on the site and downtown are essential components in reinventing the area known as Maspero Triangle into a functioning place to work, live, and play. 

This project is planned around the concept of re-establishing the street level to the bridge levels of the 6th of October and 26 July Bridges. This allows for the ease of automobile access to the site without providing additional traffic impact on the surrounding streets. This raising of the street level also allows for parking podiums to be built above the very high water table and allowing for complete off street parking to be established and decrease the burden of parking on the downtown area. A canal is envisioned between the towers to provide an area of restaurants and retail to bring life and amenities to this new development. No longer will downtown residences have to visit the suburbs to do their shopping as a regional retail shopping mall is also envisioned. A direct connection to new Line 3 Metro is also planned for. 

The project includes 140,000 square meters of residential, 180,000 square meters of offices, 125,000 square meters of retail, and 950 keys of hospitality. 

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Services: Urban, Design, Masterplanning,              Feasibility

Market:   Mixed Use - Residential,                          Commercial, Retail, Offices

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