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Rasha Fawzy Ali

Project Manager 
Academic Background

B.Sc. Architectural Engineering - Cairo University, Egypt 2005

Professional Diploma of Project Management - American University in Cairo


Registered in the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate

Ms. Rasha Fawzy has over 14 years experience in the field of architecture
documentation and project management which has allowed her the opportunity to work on many large, specialized, and diverse projects in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. She has the ability and continually demonstrates four dimensional thinking allowing her to manage the present workflow by seeing the future requirements for a successfully completed project.

Ms. Rasha is a highly motivated project manager with considerable experience using cutting edge techniques for design management. Her advanced methodology creates a highly structured environment where her team advances through the design and documentation process with great efficiency. Additional, Ms. Rasha’s strengths are her dedication to improving the workflow process and to always enhance her own skills and techniques.


Ms. Rasha’s management techniques and strong leadership provides a platform which manifests itself by providing a well order work environment and ultimately into client satisfaction.

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