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Al Warraq Island

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Services: Urban Planning

Market:   Commercial, Hospitality, Residential,                Healthcare, Mixed-Use

Warraq Island is located at the intersection of the Northern Ring Road and the Nile River and is part of the Giza governorate. Including the alluvium, the island has a total area of 5.6 million square meters or approximately 1,400 acres. The land is officially owned by the people of Egypt and is mostly Agricultural with an increasing number of buildings. 


The objectives of this project is to transform Warraq Island into a modern landscape, be the catalyst for the environmental restoration of the Nile River, provide a controlling plan to prevent the illegal building expansion, improve the lives of the island population, to provide self generating revenue to finance the project, and be the springboard for the additional new developments and urban enhancements. 


The Urban and Visual Approach is to use the urban spaces to reconnect the island with the city and the waterfront by improving the community and social life using attractive and functional river adjoining spaces. An Urban Design Guidelines provided a “roadmap” for the planned development of the island, river frontage, public spaces, and streetscapes.


The Financial Approach is to provide for a project that uses a self-financing strategy that generates its growth capital from the project income instead of acquiring it from external sources.

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