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The Corridor

The Corridor is located between the East Ring Road and the Regional Ring Road in New Cairo and shall be the model for all future developments in Egypt. The total area of the project is approximately 18,000 acres or 37 square kilometers. The objective of this project is to provide an Urban Plan that connects New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital in an organized intelligent development that shall promote business growth and enhanced and attractive residential areas. The urban plan is developed with several districts, which are located with other districts in a way to foster economic growth. These districts are Financial, Entertainment, Downtown, Residential, University, Healthcare, and Sports.


Urban and Visual Approach

Using the natural contours of the site with vista creating roadway routes that's not only transport the community across the Corridor but also entice the public to be part of the local development. Economic zones and residential neighborhoods are planned to work together to create enhanced business opportunities as well as enhanced residential communities.


Parkway System

An organic regional parkway and landscape system is created to provide for a regional “off of the road” bike and pedestrian transportation system, which decreases traffic and air pollution. 

Location: New Cairo, Egypt

Services: Urban Planning

Market:   Urban Planning

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