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Nile City Towers

As an addition to the Nile City Tower Development rmc was the winner of a design competition to add additional towers to the development. The project includes two luxury towers overlooking the Nile River and connecting to the existing Nile City Towers through a suspended two-story link. The new North Tower shall be a Fairmont Hotel development designed with 40 stories that hosts 20 floors of rental hotel apartments and 20 floors of sellable apartments for a built-up area of 88,000 square meters. The New South Tower shall also have 40 stories and shall provide 94,000 square meters of built-up area for a new private hospital. The podium shall contain a 60,000 square meter regional shopping mall along with below grade parking. 

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Services: Architectural Concept Design Competition 

Market:   Mixed Use - Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare

Award:   First Place 

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