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New City of Daba'a

This development is designed to incorporate the sea waterfront with the existing planning and usages by providing a smooth and natural transfer. The development provides for a financially economical self-sustaining project that meets the resort and entertainment needs of the surrounding community. The hotel resort and entertainment concept is new to the Egyptian North Coast providing a much needed enhancement to the tourism market. Included in this development are 5 star desert resorts, year around aqua parks with indoor beaches, world-class aquarium, waterfront 5 star resorts, housing and nuclear research university, and large ship cruise docks that provide increased international tourist access.  

The total land area for this project is approximately 900 acres providing for 550,000 square meters for 5 star resorts, Water Entertainment Park 75,000 square meters, Restaurants and Entertainment 20,000 square meters, Residential 240,000 square meters, and Nuclear Research Institute 115,000 square meters.

Location: Daba'a, Egypt

Services: Urban Planning with life style images by others

Market:   Mixed Use

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