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Al Shorouq City Urban Plan

A unique approach to the process of master planning was adopted to allow for the overlapping between architectural ingenuity and line of sight planning. Taking visual induction as a base to the sufficient planning creating a philosophical basis in order to produce a unique planning experience that is able to anticipate the needs of its habitants psychologically and socially alike, while taking in perspective the environmental aspects of the site, functional hierarchy of roads and paths, and the infrastructure requirements.


Planning Strategy:


Public Areas Priority

The hierarchy and variation of the public space sizes allow for the opportunity to create entertainment paths along the public spaces, which encourage the residents to engage and participate in their community. The spreading of public spaces along the project avenues enhances the opportunity and encourages the residents to walk on foot more often rather than using vehicles, which in turn reduces traffic density.

Visual Axis in The Design

The design depended on studying and using the visual axis created by the planning ways and focusing on the potential attractions creating visual landmarks. These landmarks add visual destinations, which promote the feeling in the residents of a special place called “home”.


Pedestrian Paths and Safe Spaces for Vehicle Paths

It is planned to gather residential buildings into groups that have green open spaces inside the group and free of any vehicle circulations in order to make them as safe and clean as possible, as well as reflect the social Egyptian community.


The project land area is approximately 14.4 million square meters and is equal to about one third the area of Al-Shorouq City. 

Location: New Cairo Egypt

Services: Urban Planning 

Market:   Planning

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