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Eastown Sodic Esplanade B

The Eastown Esplanade B project is designed to be located in the Sodic development in New Cairo. The entire Sodic development is approximately 85 hectares of land and is located at the heart of this emerging new city. The Eastown residential neighborhood is intended to be a healthy, secure, quiet, and environmentally friendly. Structured around a central green space. The buildings are grouped into clusters free from vehicular traffic.

The Eastown Esplanade B residential blocks are G+4 with one level of basement parking. The design includes multiple types of residential apartments. The approximate total built-up area for this project is 150,000 square meters and the total land area is approximately 90,000 square meters. The design as the added value of providing for different stacking arrangements for the apartment unit types. This allows Sodic the flexibility to reconfigure the apartment types based on the market requirements.

Location: New Cairo, Egypt

Services: Design and Architecture 

Market:   Residential

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