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New Giza-Repton School

Developed by Innova Education in partnership with New Giza Developments the education complex is designed to emphasize the idea of Repton’s own philosophy of “Learning Through Discovery“ which is emphasized by built discovery hubs allowing
students to work together and in individually through different learning modes.
The project comprises of five educational buildings. Three of which are for the Foundation, Junior and Senior Schools. Each building consists of classrooms, since labs, computer labs, design technology labs, and art / music rooms. Beside the
three educational buildings there is a sports and performance center consisting of an Auditorium Hall, Sports Hall and Training Swimming Pool. To complete the complex there is an Iconic Administrative Building. The project land plot is 33,000 square meters with a built-up area of approximately 20,000 square meters. The project
estimated construction cost is 400 million EGP.

Location:  New Giza, Egypt

Services:  Architecture & Structural.                                Architectural concept by others.

Market:    Education

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