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New Giza University Medical, & Business School

The University offers a rigorous and sophisticated medical education featuring state of the art Health Care Sciences and Biomedical Research facilities. The campus features a large structured park at its heart, surrounded by student housing, retail, cafés, and restaurants. The total built-up area is 90,000 square meters.

Phase 1 includes 4 Buildings:

  • Health Sciences:17,200 square meters (lecture halls, labs, library, café, administration and public spaces and amenities)

  • Economics Business School: 7,300 square meters

  • Pharmacy and Dentistry School:13,400 square meters

  • Utility Building (cooling plant and mechanical services): 2,700 square meters

Phase 2 comprises 6 buildings:

  • Medical: 12,000 square meters

  • Dentistry: 14,000 square meters

  • Pharmacy, Nursing & Health Sciences: 11,000 square meters

  • Student Center: 5,000 square meters

  • Utility Building: 5,300 square meters

  • Engineering Building: 7,300 square meters

Location:  6th of October, Egypt

Services:  Architecture, Interiors, Structural.                     Architectural concept by others.

Market:    Education

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