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Uptown Cairo Fourteen Golf Residences 
(Z3 & Z5/A)

Fourteen Golf Residences offers a breathtaking refreshing view of the artistically-designed lush green roundabout surrounding of open space with a spectacular view of Cairo from a distance coupled with a distinctively bracing sight of the Golf Course. With an overall built-up area of  58,900 square meters, village Z3 comprises ten (10) apartment buildings of three (3) different types on a land area of 89,992 s.q.m,

Village Z5/A area is 72,848 s.q.m, comprises seven (7) apartment buildings of two (2) different types with an overall built-up area of 70,900 s.q.m. The villages also contain landscape and external amenities.

Location: UpTown Cairo, El-Mokattam, Egypt

Services: Design, Architectural, Structural, MEP,
             Landscape & Infrastructure

Market:   Residential 

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