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Badya City

As the first city in MENA to be in full accordance with the UN sustainability goals, Badya is a healthier way of living for every facet of your life. Located 30 Km west of Central Cairo on an area of approximately 1,260 hectares, a human-centered, green and resource efficient, city is being developed for approximately 150,000 inhabitants, offering about 48,000 workplaces. The integrated urban community shall be constructed on 5 main phases. AS+P and rmc with Palm Hills Development are collaborating together for the first residential phase, which encompasses 342 feddans including different types of residential (villas,twinhouses, townhouses, towers, and apartments).

Location: 6th of October, Egypt

Services: Master Plan, Design, Architecture, Structural, Landscape, MEP, Infrastructure 

Market:   Residential

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