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Global Village Pavilions

Global Village Pavilions is one of the main attractions of the DSF mega project acquiring 55,000 square meters, there the international community is encourage to come together to display their culture and heritage through exhibitions of traditional handicrafts, clothing, music, and dance. Total construction cost for the project is over 180 million Durhams.

The main idea of the project is to create clustered Pavilions representing different continents around the world. Each continent designs its own pavilion to reflect its internal identity, which makes a list to the Global Village, a cultural voyage around the globe, and a reflection of the truly cosmopolitan nature of Dubai. Global Village visitors are able to sample exotic food from the participating countries by dining at the sidewalk restaurants in the specially designed food court. Individual exhibitions areas arranged around central themed courtyard spaces. These provide access to the exhibitions, relaxation space, as well as accommodate retail food and beverage stalls.

Location: Global Village, Dubai, UAE

Services: Architecture, Interiors, Structural, MEP.              Concept Architecture by others. 

Market:   Retail

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