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Chedi Club

The Exclusive Chedi Club Hotel owned by "Abu Seir Polo Resorts & Hotels Company" is located in Abu Seir, Giza, Egypt overlooking the spectacular view of the Abu Seir Pyramids. With its modern architecture, rich interiors and wide landscaped areas, the Chedi Club Hotel shall become a luxurious oasis in the Desert. The total site area is 83,000 square meters and the total built-up area is 14,000 square meters. the project includes 48 guest suites, 40 pool villas, reception, lobby lounge, restaurant hammer gym, spa, and back of house facilities. It also includes a 115 horses stable, event field for the horses, and tennis courts. Collaborating with Kerry Hill Architects, as the lead designer for the project, rmc is the architect/engineer of record participating in providing detailed site plans and detailed design documents for this exclusive bouquet hotel.

Location: Abu Seir, Giza, Egypt

Services: Architecture, Structural, MEP, Infrastructure.              Architectural Concept Design by others.

Market:   Hospitality

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