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Asmaa Hossam

Senior Landscape Architect
Academic Background

Masters Degree - Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt 2014

Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Design and Landscape - Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University, Egypt


Registered in the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers

Asmaa Hossam is a Senior Landscape Architect at rmc and has a masters degree in the Urban Design with a thesis about the effect of Land Use Change on the Perception Aesthetics of Residential Areas from the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University. Besides her design skills and her tendency to learn detailed technical information, these studies qualified Asmaa to work more than 12 years as an Urban Designer/Landscape Architect and Urban Planning Coordinator in extremely motivating environments. Also, Asmaa’s tendency to work in international developments and recognized design offices has allowed her to work with a wide spectrum of experts, Egyptians and foreigners, in Egypt and Kuwait companies. By collaborating with international recognized designers, Asmaa has been made conversant with world-class standards and has learned and made efforts to achieve excellence regarding the designated project’s design efficiency goals. Engineer Asmaa’s personal, technical, and leadership capabilities allow her to integrate and coordinate with owners and other consultants on a highly professional basis. She has the ability to assimilate new ideas and concepts that allow her to work using many specialized programs and to follow-up the work with suppliers to make her concepts come to life. In her career, she has worked on a wide variety of projects starting from the level of re-planning an existing villages inside and outside Egypt, to the level of designing a new residential compounds and mixed uses areas. Additional she has worked on international universities, hospitals, parks, clubhouses, sports clubs, hotels and retail shopping malls.

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