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Amir Abdullah Mohamed

Academic Background

Bachelor of Electrical Power and Machines Engineering - Helwan University 2008


Registered in the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate

Amir Abdullah is a Senior Electrical Engineer with experience of more than 9 years in electrical and low current design and supervision for multiple types of projects (residential, commercial, hotels and hospital buildings). In addition, Mr. Abdullah designs to electrical and low current infrastructure projects. These projects distributed throughout the Middle East and Egypt. Mr. Abdullah’s personal, technical, and leadership capabilities were built during his carrier, starting from 2008 especially from the supervision field. This experience has increased his understanding to further bring design projects from paper to completed substantial work. Problem solving has always been one of Mr. Abdullah’s attributes and was honed during his time working in the field office. Mr. Abdullah bings a practicality and an understanding of design and construction that few engineers possess. 

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