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Ahmed Mahrous

Senior Architect
Academic Background

Bachelor of Architecture - Arts Architectural Section, El Meina University, Egypt 2005


Registered in the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers

Mr. Mahrous has worked in the field of producing quality architectural design since his graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts El Menia University in Cairo. His over 14 years of varied experience include numerous projects in Egypt and throughout the Middle East that cover a wide variety of complex building types.

Mr. Mahrous excels in his pragmatic approach to provide comprehensive and accurate architectural documents for his projects. His methodology for organizing the process of documentation complements his extensive experience with generating comprehensive solutions to complex issues to create integrated building systems between all of the disciplines. He extends this ability from the onset of the documentation process
throughout the project life cycle.

Paying attention to the details while keeping a close eye on the big picture is Mr. Mahrous’s unique approach for providing a quality set of documents. This method is his foundation for instilling confidence with his team and with his clients.

Mr. Mahrous’s responsibilities include monitoring projects overall progress, dealing with project technical aspects, team leading, tracking team productivity, and providing quality control throughout the various project phases.

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