Ismail Rayek Latif

Head of Architecture Design
Academic Background

B.Sc. Architectural Engineering - Cairo University, Egypt 1999

Professional Diploma of Project Management - American University in Cairo


Registered in the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate

Mr. Ismail Rayek has been expressing his artistic ability in his devotion for creating highly designed projects since his graduation more than 20 years ago. This artistic expression has fostered numerous successful and substantial building projects including resorts and hotels, residential complexes, hospitals and medical facilities, education facilities and campuses, and office buildings.

Mr. Rayek strengths include extensive experience in creating both architectural design as well as interior design projects. His expertise in both fields has led him to generate concept integrated solutions enhancing the experience of the building’s occupants and uses.

Mr. Rayek’s creativity and commitment to excellence are always demonstrated while preforming his specialized duties which include producing illustrated pre-project studies, design concepts, design team leadership, and collaborative team coordination throughout project phases.


His imaginative vision and broad knowledge of architectural international trends provide rmc‘s clients with the comfort and trust that their project expectations are always fulfilled and realized in their finished project.